What Are Signs That Your Baby Might Be Gifted?

Published: 07th April 2010
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Many parents would like to know that their child is a gifted child. This makes them proud and hopeful for the future knowing that their child might be able to do anything with a good mind. What are some signs that your child might be gifted?

The first thing is that he or she has a trend of developing faster than average. The child will start doing things months ahead of the average on many different levels. This is an indication that he or she is figuring things out much quicker than the average baby is. This is not always proof the baby has a gifted mind, but it is something that will be noticed.

Your baby will have an excellent memory and recall things easily. If the baby seems to remember things well, he or she is learning very easily because of being blessed with intellect.

Your baby might be able to solve simple problems easily. There are certain toys that you might think are complicated for their age, but the baby still understands them and figures it all out.

A gifted baby will be naturally curious. He or she will enjoy coming into contact with new things.

If your baby is not getting more and more stimulation, he or she will become fussy. This is different than crying because of lack of attention. A gifted baby needs new and interesting things, else they will become bored.

At times, the baby will have a hard time sleeping. This could be because they still want to be stimulated by something they are interested in and do not want to shut the mind down for rest. Sometimes changing the environment helps with this problem because there is something new for him or her to see.

Regardless if your baby is truly gifted or not, spending time with them is important. Toys that teach things and reading to your child regardless of intellect levels ultimately are best for the baby.

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